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We invite you to partake in a German distilling tradition that dates back centuries - to enjoy the product of generations of extraordinary sensory talent, to experience pür•spirits.
Each variety of pür•spirits is produced according to traditional principles and time honoured recipes in Bavaria, Germany. There, we craft spirits of  exceptional quality under the leadership of German Master Distiller Franz Xaver Salzgeber -  distilling just a few hundred bottles per batch.
 By balancing modern technology with traditional recipes and techniques we give you classic  spirits with a very current view on fresh, local and organic ingredients. For the uninitiated,  the best way to get intimately acquainted with our distillations is to savor pür•spirits neat at  room temperature. 
 You just might forget everything you knew about liqueur or gin. pür•spirits distillates are  balanced and sophisticated. They have at their heart the finest and freshest fruit, flowers,  berries, herbs and spices. And we ask that when you enjoy pür•spirits, you do so as has  been done in Germany for decades - regularly and responsibly.


Spiced Blood Orange - Layer upon layer of fascinating sweetness
 Aromatic blood oranges, hints of apricots spiced with cinnamon and cloves. The creation of superior liqueurs is a form of art that has been perfected with pürlikör spice. Handcrafted in our artisanal distillery, this intensely flavorful spiced blood orange liqueur balances the sweetness of the blood orange with the spice of cinnamon and cloves. It is a pleasure to sip and serves as a distinctive accent in cocktails where its intensity stands up well to other spirits and flavors.
During the colder season, it provides depth and warmth in cocktails inspired by the classics. Try pürlikör spice in an Old Fashioned, a Manhattan, a Negroni, a Silent Third, a Side Car, a Hot Toddy. In the summer months, pürlikör spice adds variety and spices up Margaritas, Daiquiris, Pisco Sours, Caipirinhas, French 75s and Cosmos. For the Tiki bartender’s palette, this spiced blood orange liqueur is a great bonus for fun takes on a
Mai-Tai or any drink that uses triple sec or spices. In holiday punches, experiment with red wine, bourbon, honey and pürlikör spice.

Williams Pear - Pure finesse
Pear liqueur is one of the most cherished beverages in Europe. We bring you what many consider to be Germany’s finest. Like all pürspirits beverages, pürlikör williams is handmade according to traditional principles – from selecting the fruit to filling the bottles. Our pears are the finest heirloom fruit found around Lake Constance in the foothills of the Northern Alps, the birthplace of pear brandy distillation. They are harvested at a precise moment in their maturity, wrapped and stored to ripen and develop an optimal aroma. 
During their short period of peak ripeness, the pears are crushed, fermented and distilled in small batches. Approximately thirty five pounds of pear go into producing just 0.75 liters of base distillate. The highly concentrated and aromatic result is what Germans call "Birnenbrand". This fragrant and richly fruited eau-de-vie captures the essence of the capricious Williams pear and is the defining ingredient of pürlikör williams, pear liqueur. Balanced, refined,  uncompromised — its subtle sweetness is light on the palate and emphasizes the genuine  pear flavor.
 To experience the finesse of the Williams pear, sip pürlikör williams neat or serve with  ice for an effortlessly elegant aperitif. Cocktail lovers will discover its luxurious personality  in classic and modern mixed drinks. 


Blossom Elderflower - Authentic Elderflower flavour
German folk legends tell of the elderflower’s magical powers and the liqueur’s historical origin as a medicinal elixir distilled in German abbeys. Nothing short of hypnotic, elderflower liqueur entrances with its suede like texture and seductive blossom aroma. Its subtle sweetness accentuates the floral intensity of this enchanting favorite. The flavor of this classic elderflower liqueur has evolved out of a refinement process that dates back centuries. Rich lychee, peach, apple and buttercream aromas are complemented by bright, spicy, herbal elderflower accents and a floral mid-palate.

True to its tradition as an herbal tonic, pürlikör blossom is made exclusively from Sambucus Nigra elderflowers in accord with the seasons when the elderflowers are in bloom in spring. The result is authentically full-bodied and, because it is uncompromised, available only in limited quantities.
 pürlikör blossom is a deep amber, herbaceous, dry style elderflower liqueur which is ideal  for mixing as it complements other ingredients without dominating the cocktail.
 Let pürlikör blossom’s versatility inspire you to create magic cocktails.


Blackthorn Sloe Gin - Easy and classic.

Sloe gin is a glorious liqueur made by steeping sloe berries in gin with just a touch of sweetness. In the fall, dark blue and purple clusters of sloe berries grow on thorny Blackthorn trees common in hedgerows across Europe. Sloes are highly astringent but when macerated in gin, they lend warming bitter sweetness and fresh acidity to the resulting liqueur.

Happily, four ingredients are all that is needed to make sloe gin: sloe berries, gin, sugar and patience! We start by distilling gin, then infuse it with wild sloe berries. Adding sugar helps to release the sloe berries’ entire flavour spectrum and vibrant hues into the gin. The result is a mahogany     coloured liqueur combining ripe sweetness with fresh acidity.

 Delicious, dark and warming, sloe gin was traditionally enjoyed in the depths of winter, but  its unique colour and flavour also combine wonderfully with a wide variety of spirits to make  spectacular cocktails. 

Pur Geist Bierbrand - Distilled from Bavarian beer

pürgeist bierbrand is an old-school German distillation of craft-brewed Märzen beer - the traditional variety of beer served at the Oktoberfest. After brewing, the lager style beer is first distilled and then aged in chestnut casks. The outcome is a dry and smooth sipping spirit that showcases the characteristics of the Märzen. Technically a single malt, bierbrand is a graceful cousin of whisky yet historically occupies a category all its own.

The secret to distilling pürgeist bierbrand lies in the fine Märzen, brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot by a Bavarian village brewery, and generations of experience. That means we exclude anything but malted barley, hops, yeast, and alpine spring water which results in an exceptionally clean palate. pürgeist bierbrand is small batch distilled
 in traditional copper stills to extract all the beer’s nuances. Vintage Italian  grappa barrels  made from chestnut wood impart a luminous golden color and add  chestnut  and refined  floral and fruity grappa nuances to the bierbrand’s intense malt and hops flavour.                                                
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