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 RubyBlue is a craft liqueur produced in the North of Ireland.
 This Irish distillery was founded in 2010 when the family came across an old Irish recipe
 based on an ancient  method of preserving Irish berries.
 Starting off with a Blackcurrant Liqueur or Irish Cassis the range has grown to 3 whole
 Berry Liqueurs; including Wild Blueberry & Cranberry and the 4 a whole Chilli Pepper  Liqueur.
 Each of these varieties start from the same base of Irish Grain Spirit that has been five  times distilled and charcoal filtered to create a smooth clean base.

 We authentically infuse whole Berries and whole Chilli Peppers with our special blend of
 Irish spirit distilled from barley for a delicately Sweet but Fresh flavours for our berrie  liqueurs and a Vibrant and Spicy flavour for the Chilli Pepper liqueur. It’s Stunning to see  the berries dance in the bottle and the chilli pepper looks majestic in the bottle, but only  when you taste do you truly appreciate why we carefully hand fill the the bottles and wait
 patiently with anticipation as it slowly matures into a beautiful liqueur.


RubyBlue Vodka is very smooth with subtle notes of vanilla and crisp
apple. It is buttery and well-rounded with a heartening earthiness and a
long clean finish.
RubyBlue Vodka is perfect for those that like to enjoy Vodka neat, but
also an excellent base for cocktails.
Produced in small batches RubyBlue Vodka is crafted from potatoes 
grown naturally & harvested late in the season for a rich flavourful vodka.

Already a winner of a prestigious silver medal, RubyBlue Vodka will 
soon take it's place in worlds top bar and restaurants.

 It's the special care and attention taken by the master distillers that has allowed RubyBlue 
 to make its mark on the world stage.

 The unique bottle aging process along with only sourcing the best ingredients makes the
 liqueurs really something special, resulting in numerous, prestigious, international awards
 This bottle-aging method is not that dissimilar to how a whisky or Gin is aged and matured
 in a barrel often with botanicals to enhance the finished spirit.  
 A young forward thinking company committed to producing Premium Crafted drinks that   
 deliver Clean, Natural flavours. Using only real fruit, Irish Grain Spirit & just a little  Mystique, we believe what has been created is the cleanest most Natural Berry and Chilli  Liqueurs on the market.

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